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Effects of the global climate crisis are already evident all around the RED SEA and MEDITERRANEAN SEA. The surrounding communities are the first to be affected and are being called upon to play a leading role in addressing these challenges through 
innovation and collaboration.

With that in mind, the Araba Hackathon aims to improve the environmental practices of local industries in the Middle East. It will focus on aqua-culture and desert-tech and aim to increase the region's commitment to a sustainable future.


We are calling on entrepreneurs from Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, UAE, and Israel to join us in developing environmental solutions to problems in the following fields: Terrestrial aquaculture, desert agriculture, food and nutritional security, renewable energy, and off-grid technologies.


The hackathon will take place over 7 Days in Israel and 4 online meetings before:

  • Participants will meet representatives (via Zoom) from local industries, who will present current environmental problems.

  • Each participant will choose a challenge.

  • Small multidisciplinary groups will be formed to address each challenge.

  • Each group will be assigned a mentor from a list of participating leaders from academia, the business sector, or the relevant industry.

  • Each group will immerse themselves into their chosen topic and challenge.

  • The groups will Propose solutions and present them to regional decision makers, industry, and potential investors.

Participants will be invited to:

  • Field trips in the regions of Aqaba and Eilat.

  • Lectures by experts

  • Exposure to the different cultural narratives in the region

  • Team building exercises

  • Networking with leading professionals in the environmental fields

  • Prizes will be awarded for feasible ideas.

SIGN UP PROCESS and requirements:

  • Please fill out this form and set a date for an interview Sep 10th-Sep 20th

  • Online Kick-off: first online Zoom meeting- Oct 4th

  • Zoom meeting every two weeks:- 8.11.22 & 22.11.22

  • In-person Hackathon seminar: 27.11.22- 2.12.22

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