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Challenge 1: The C&C (Cool and Clean )

Challenge 6: Weigh with the Ulva

Sekura a unique macro algae and seaweed start up ofering the challenge of

real time weighing the macro algae during its growth cycle (between seeding and harvest) for best CO2 absorbency.

Challenge 2: Who Dares to Crack the Dairy Wastewater Challenge?

Yotvata Dairy

Arava's largest dairy industry is looking for new ideas to purify and reuse wastewater from the production of dairy products.


The Yotvata group offered the company a comprehensive solution that saves water. The solution was previously sent to the council's wastewater treatment plant which takes care of the water quality and turns the wastewater into distilled water that can be reused. The group won a round table with investors and mentors to promote the project, a gift from the Peres Shalom Center.

Kibbutz Yahel

Challenge 3: A Greener Dairy Farm

From the kibbutz community of Yahel:

Cow-farm wastewater reduction, treatment, and recycling during the process of caring for the milk of the cows and rinsing the milk containers.


The Cool Cow group proposed a system for cooling the cows in the barn, where the heart of the system is integrated into the computer algorithm data transmitted from sensors that measure the condition of each cow. The group won $2,500 and the support of Google and the Sustainable Development Start-Up Program, which will support them to implement and develop the idea.

Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy

Challenge 4: Joinning Forces-Sun and Crops

The challenge is offered by the game-changing company and NGO of Eilat Eilot renewable energy: Creating Off-Grid “Agro-Solar” systems in extreme desert areas.


The group developed an integrated system model for desert farmers: solar panels that move on a rail during the day and thus do not shade the crops. This design helps to maintain moisture and produce a cool microclimate that can support diverse types of vegetation. The group won a round table with investors and mentors to promote the project, a gift from the Peace Prize Center.

Indian Crows Population

Challenge 5: Friendly but Invasive: The city's best pest

The environmental unit of Eilat-Eilot is offering us to find a system for monitoring the Indian crow population: a very invasive and intelligent creature.


The group researched and reviewed the various options for dealing with invasive species, this is a sensitive and complex issue in many aspects, they also presented the economic impact of the invasive species. They will receive support for the further development of the idea.


Challenge 6: Weigh with the Ulva

From Seakura a unique macro algae and seaweed start-up:

Real-time weighing of the macro algae during its growth cycle (between seeding and harvest) for best CO2 absorbency.


For the challenge of weighing the algae without removing them from the water, the group created a solution based on Archimedes' laws, for the amount of water leaving and the amount of water entering the system. In order to achieve maximum accuracy, they also accounted for light sensors, photography, and more. The group was supported by the accelerator DANA which will provide the participants with mentors and provide advice to develop the project further.


Challenge 7: Fish Up-To Date

From Ardag, the pioneering aquaculture company of the region: 

The Fish up to Date Challenge is about creating a desert aquaponics system, which uses the same water for growing fish for watering local crops and date plantations.


The group built a model for an integrated system of edible fish and edible plants adapted to the desert conditions and the different water consumption between the fish and the date trees. They won the audience's favorite and a round table of mentors and investors.

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